Colocation Hosting is the cornerstone of “Selamore” Design. For your convenience, we have defined colocation into 4 distinct categories:
If you are Interested in collocating 1 or 2 servers, please view our Individual Server page.
Individual Server Colocation

Rack Space Plans Rack Space Plans
If you are Interested in receiving rack space for multiple servers, please view our Rack Space Plans.
Rack Space Plans

Dedicated Connection Plans Dedicated Connection Plans
If you are Interested in receiving a dedicated access line to your collocated equipment, such as 256kbps, 1.5mbps, 100mbps, etc., please view our Dedicated Connection page.
Dedicated Connection Plans

Maximum Security Cages Maximum Security Cages
If you are Interested in having “Selamore” Design build-out a Maximum Security Cage customized with the appropriate amount of floor space and connectivity to meet your needs, please view our Maximum Security Cages page.
Maximum Security Cages

magento hosting

You are making an important decision about your company’s future. We here at “Selamore” Design feel we offer the best solution for your web hosting needs. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Because we keep our overhead low, we offer affordable colocation for your web server or any other equipment that requires internet hosting, such as telecommunication equipment, data base servers, etc.

Because “Selamore” Design is a subsidiary of a financial institution, our priorities have been to provide both reliability and a secure network environment for our main client. As of 1999, we began marketing our MagentoH web-hosting services to the general public, who now can enjoy the same reliability and security. Your server is stored in a clean, air-conditioned environment, protected by our on duty staff and security system 24 hours a day. Access to our facility is controlled and no unauthorized persons are allowed in the server area without escort and proper ID. Click here to view detailed information on our data center.

Trained Staff
Capital Internet has experienced personnel to monitor the integrity of our network, providing you with peace of mind that your Magento website or database is up and running.

Database Server Hosting
Enjoy great benefits by deploying your data base as a back-end server, scalability and security for instance, with our special back-end DB pricing. Trained Database Administrators specializing in ORACLE, Microsoft, Linux and Unix are available to help with the deployment of your company’s database and capitalize on the tremendous benefits and cost savings realized by web enabling your data.

The “Selamore” Design Data Center brings in multiple carriers and is continually adding more capacity to ensure redundancy and high availability of bandwidth and power. We try and eliminate any single point of failure, including bringing internet connectivity through different Local Exchange (LEC) and Fiber Optic (OC) Carriers for added redundancy to provide you with maximum up-time. The network is continuously monitored allowing us to support customer demands proactively.

24 hour monitoring and technical support
for added value and maximum uptime, technicians are available to ensure your equipment experiences minimal downtime.

But most of all . . .

Develop your  Magento website, application, telephony or Internet infrastructure with ultimate flexibility. We give you full access and freedom to explore, develop and design your Internet presence, no matter what area of business you are involved in. “Selamore” Design has developed it’s business model to help your business grow.